Lifestyle and Diet Consultation

$90 - 1 Hour

 Covers the essentials to creating and maintaining health through balance.

Diet and lifestyle corrections alone, account for more than 60% of symptoms being relieved.   Ayurveda works beautifully to continuously be aware of what we are putting in our body (diet) and mind (lifestyle/thoughts).  It works to remove the ama/toxins from our mind and body and maintain the balance.


$85 - 1 Hour

Full Body Massage

Using unique Ayurvedic techniques and oils used specific to your need, abyanga assists in stimulating arterial circulation and detoxifying the lymphatic system. Abyanga is deeply relaxing and balancing.

 Back Abyanga

$45 - 30 min

 Back Massage

Specialised oils and traditional Ayurvedic techniques ensure a healing and relaxing massage in one of the main areas we hold all our tension.

Shiro Abyanga

$45 - 30 min

 Head massage including neck and shoulders.

Assists in reducing stress and anxiety, hair loss and improves memory. Uses oils with herbs infused to calm the mind and improve hair growth. 


$45 - 30 min

 Abdominal Massage

Using traditional naval pulse correction followed by gentle leg stretches. Nabhi assists in releasing the ill effects of emotional and physical trauma, restoring balance to you energetic centre and assisting in wellbeing.

Gift cards available

All treatments have gift cards available. Surprise a loved one or make someones day with our gift card options