Single Float $90

Come and experience the bliss of sensory deprivation in an hour long float session. You will need to allow 1 1/2 hrs for your session. Arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment if you are a first time floater and receive a float induction. Afterward enjoy a relaxing herbal tea in your post float reflection.

Float with a friend $150

Enjoy a floating experience with you and a friend floating at the same time (separate rooms). Enjoy the discount and share stories of your experience afterward during your post float reflection.

Purchase multiple float sessions  (valid for 3 months)

Two floats $150   ($75 each)

Three floats $210 ($70 each)

Five Floats $325  ($65 each) 

Float and massage combo $150

Come in and indulge in a float and massage combo. Stretch out in a blissful 1 hour float followed by a sensation 45 min massage to put you in a state of absolute rest. One of our more favorable packages, you will leave full of bliss

Float and Beauty package $150

Float away in a beautiful 1 hr float session, followed by a pamper session. Enjoy a facial from one of our well trained staff and really treat yourself in this amazing combo. Perfect for the start of a holiday, present or just to give yourself a well deserved treat. 

Gift cards available

All treatments have gift cards available. Surprise a loved one or make someones day with our gift card options