One ocean-one mind

One ocean-one mind. This course is a collaboration between Floating Euphoria and One ocean international and targeted for the absolute novice.   
We are offering 10% discounts on this new program offered by Floating euphoria and Ocean international to the first 8 people to book. Born from the principals of Ayurveda, Yoga, Freediving and Psychology, One Ocean - One Mind is a program that will give you an insight into your mental processing and how to find the stillness amongst the noise.

It's the combination of skills that will leave you trained and speechless. The day starts with theory, followed by practice of skills in water, practice of skills in a float tank and then finishes with Ayurveda treatment. This must not be missed.


Pictured here are students participating in static training. Follow the link below to the One Ocean International website for more information


This course is the first of it's kind. Learn skills that will help your mental calming abilities. Excel your professional life or expand on personal growth. Our one ocean one mind course will benefit all walks of life. Click on the link below for more information