First time floater

Our Advice For Your First Time:

1. Prepare For Your Float Accordingly. We recommend that you drink no coffee for 3 hours before your appointment and only a light snack the last hour before your appointment. This is so you can rest your mind without the coffee and are not digesting a large meal while floating, making your float comfortable. If you have cuts or scratches or have recently shaved, there may be stinging for several minutes. If you have any open cuts use liquid bandage to seal them.

At the beginning of each float you can set an intention for what you would like to accomplish during your float. You may also use your float to observe where you hold tension in your body or your mind. You will develop many of your own ways of using your floats. We don't say more because we don't want to spoil your own adventure.

2. Ask the right questions before you go.  We ask you to arrive 15 minutes early to your appointment. This is so you can fill out a small form with your details and then receive a float induction where our friendly staff will talk you through your float preparation and techniques to use while floating so you can maximize the benefit of your session.  Any questions that might have can be answered so your mind is free and you can truly relax.  

3. Focus on relaxing your body as well as your mind. During your float your mind and body will become free. It takes 20 minutes before the mind and body really start to see the benefits of the gravity free environment and mind calming environment. If you have had any injuries to your neck you may want to use a next pillow during float.

otter float.JPG